Ninja Tune Feature my Friends Fields and Drugs Mix

Click to enter Solidsteel at ninjatune

Point 1, Ninja Tune are one of the most rightfully respected record labels Britain has ever produced.

Point 2, 18th August 2009, My beautiful Dad suddenly dies in Canada on holiday.  Three days later I’m there with my brothers. Two days after that I’m sat 10 feet away from my Dad’s body  thats lying in a coffin at his funeral. We, thats  me, mom and my two brothers Keith and Duncan are  spending the last 10 minutes we’ll ever spend with our Dad and we chose to spend it holding each other tightly and listening to the  Cinematic Orchestra – To Build a Home my familys most moving moment.

Also Ninja tunes finest.

Point 3,  Nearly exactly a year on, nearly everything has changed theres been more of everything that comes with being human.   Death, sadness, happiness, friendship and love, and if you were with me last Thursday night at the start of The Big Chill festival when I was Dj’ing in a giant whisky barrel, while the sun was making its way towards the horizon. You would have thought and thought rightly that  the next Tuesday would be as far away in my mind  as  the Paralympics are in the thoughts of a moth.  I had a weekend of drinking cider,  listening to tunes and dancing about with my girl and my pals from Purple Radio.  The planets time space continuum had become  a 3 day bubble and Monday could go fuck off and Tuesday  would never exist again.

Tuesday came and hail praise to the Eleventhirtyeight inbox as I read


From : Ninjatune.

I open it up and they want to use a mix of mine on their Solid Steel podcast this week.

So here it is.

Cheers World and cheers Dad.


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