Miniature jesus riding dogs

There must be in every persons life around three times on  where they consider what would be the most suitable Dog breed for a miniature Jesus Christ to ride.

A miniature Jesus  small enough to ride effectively and big enough to be easily identified on first sighting to the human eye would be around 9 inches tall

damn straight up they do and yall know it ya do.

As if you didn't know already.



I mentioned variety in my last post. Now this is what I call a fucking variety act.

What a perfect carton of entertainment. A joke,2 songs,a superbly told anecdote, and a genealogy report.
Makes me feel sad too. What am I laughing at, an elderly lady trying to live something out of her  dreams that for 73 years have been drowned forcibly by religion and conservative sexual repression. Or is she a whore and disillusioned anarchist sticking her middle finger up at her left wing authority figures. Maybe she runs a Ruby smuggling route from Burma to anywhere cash breeds the greed she serves the need. The Dirty cow.
I want her.


Whilst watching septegenarians swim up and down up and down up and down in my day job as a lifeguard my mind in its never ending quest to cure the boredom of watching them go up and down inching nearer to a meeting with the reaper or depending on the time of day Breakfast. I came up with the idea of doing some edits of Led zeppellin songs to play out on my radio show. I usually do an hour of fiddling about with stuff I’ve programmed,cut up etc myself but as Variety is the Spice of life (or Variety is the umbrella term for arguably shit or brilliant entertainment of days gone by )a new approach for this weeks show was taken. I took on the tracks No Quarter,Kashmir,Whole lotta love and Babe I’m gonna leave you to make edits of. I try to do these kind of edits as quickly as possible not to make the shittest edit possible by which that statement suggests. But to have something spontaneous and not have grossly slick production values. I get all the audio I’m going to place in the edit ready, press play and record and do live dubs in a similar fashion to all the dub legends of medieval times and jamaicas golden boys. If anything is particularly shit I after Ive done the live mixdown I’ll get rid of it but on the whole i try and keep it solidly what the dub session I just created was when it was performed. So here’s my edit of whole lotta love.
Whole lotta drums, whole lotta love.


My mix from early March on PURPLE RADIO tons of cut up beats,fx,subsonic bass and atmospherics DOWNLOAD HERE

Enter Canis lupus phucked.

My pseudo concerns.

I’m sitting here having thoughts such as what’s the fucking point in doing anything in human life at all. I’m considering reading a book by  Al Gore but is he a buffoon? Do I want to spend hours reading a book by the guy who wasnt president and made a slideshow. I’m also trying to force myself out of my bed to make  live edits of Led Zeppelin tracks but stopping me is  I spent a large part of the day watching people swim and a small part of that  large part of the day  pushing varying amounts of  mud,chlorinated water, and the pubes of the public around a floor into an inadequate drainage system that a 2nd millennium AD architect has won an award for. Creating I would guess the doom laden thoughts. Plus scratching my gonads no longer gives much relief from the dark socks of existence. Do I really give a fuck about anything. What’s the acid test.

Possibly it’s if I could legitimately wear a wolf jacket. Well, I could wear a wolf Jacket but people would wrongly think I’m wearing it to be ironically funny. Truth is though if I donned a wolf jacket I’d want to appear to be  the real mc coy true wolf jacket wearer but I couldn’t visually or spiritually  pull it off. My heart is in the right place but my soul is without wolf emblazoned garments.   If you happen to live within 3 minutes drive of a large forest or within 60km of a Bear you could wear a wolf jacket with some sort of whiff of fashion about you but these are not the folk I speak of.

The true wolf jacket wearer just in basic terms doesnt give a fuck. Even in more complex terms the wolf  jacket wearer just doesnt give a fuck. It’s sometimes hard for me to spot any sign of giving a fuck within my internal dialogue and I want so much to not give a fuck, but I do. Maybe one day I’ll shrug myself of human concerns but March 14th 2009  is not that day. There is still optimism in my bones.

Caring is something of the past for this man.

Giving a fuck is something of the past for this man.

Charlatan or Apprentice?

Charlatan or Apprentice?